High Performance Computer System (HPCS) Lab. at Seoul National University investigates various research topics related to next-generation computer architecture and systems.

Latest News

A paper is accepted to IEEE CAL

Mohammadamin Ajdari, Pyeongsu Park, Dongup Kwon, Joonsung Kim, and Jangwoo Kim, “A Scalable HW-Based Inline Deduplication for SSD Arrays”, IEEE Computer Architecture Letters (CAL), 2017 […]

A paper is accepted to MICRO 2017

Youngsok Kim, Jae-Eon Jo, Hanhwi Jang, Minsoo Rhu, Hanjun Kim, and Jangwoo Kim, “GPUpd: A Fast and Scalable Multi-GPU Architecture Using Cooperative Projection and Distribution,” […]

A paper is accepted to ISPASS 2017

Jaewon Lee, Hanhwi Jang, Jae-Eon Jo, Gyuhyeon Lee, Jangwoo Kim, “StressRight: Finding the Right Stress for Accurate In-development System Evaluation,” IEEE International Symposium on Performance Analysis […]

A paper is accepted to CCGrid 2016

Dongju Chae, Joonsung Kim, Youngsok Kim, Kyung-Ah Chang, Sang-Bum Suh, Hyogun Lee, and Jangwoo Kim, “CloudSwap: A Cloud-Assisted Swap Mechanisms for Mobile Devices,” ACM/IEEE International […]

  • Computer Architecture and System
    • CPU, Server, and Datacenter Architecture
    • System Modeling, Simulation, and Analysis
    • Cloud and Big Data Computing Systems
    • Brain-inspired, Neuromorphic Computer Systems
    • Accelerator Systems and Programming Supports