High Performance Computer System (HPCS) Lab. at Seoul National University investigates various research topics related to next-generation computer architecture and systems.

Latest News

One paper is accepted to TC 2022

E. Baek, et al., “STfusion: Fast and Flexible Multi-NN Execution using Spatio-Temporal Block Fusion and Memory Management”, TC 2022

One paper is accepted to MICRO 2022

H. Lee, M. Kim et al., “3D-FPIM: An Extreme Energy-Efficient DNN Acceleration System Using 3D NAND Flash-Based In-Situ PIM Unit”, MICRO 2022

One paper is accepted to ISCA 2022

I. Byun et al., “XQsim: Modeling Cross-Technology Control Processors for 10+K Qubit Quantum Computers”, ISCA 2022

One paper is accepted to CAL 2022

H. Jang, T. Kang et al., “LSim: Fine-Grained Simulation Framework for Large-Scale Performance Evaluation”, CAL 2022

  • Computer Architecture and System
    • CPU, Server, and Datacenter Architecture
    • System Modeling, Simulation, and Analysis
    • Cloud and Big Data Computing Systems
    • Brain-inspired, Neuromorphic Computer Systems
    • Accelerator Systems and Programming Supports