High Performance Computer System (HPCS) Lab. at Seoul National University investigates various research topics related to next-generation computer architecture and systems.

Latest News

A paper is accepted to IEEE CAL

Jihun Kim, Joonsung Kim, Pyeongsu Park, Jong Kim, and Jangwoo Kim, “SSD Performance Modeling Using Bottleneck Analysis,” to appear in IEEE Computer Architecture Letters (CAL)

A paper is accepted to IEEE CAL

Mohammadamin Ajdari, Pyeongsu Park, Dongup Kwon, Joonsung Kim, and Jangwoo Kim, “A Scalable HW-Based Inline Deduplication for SSD Arrays”, IEEE Computer Architecture Letters (CAL), 2017 […]

A paper is accepted to MICRO 2017

Youngsok Kim, Jae-Eon Jo, Hanhwi Jang, Minsoo Rhu, Hanjun Kim, and Jangwoo Kim, “GPUpd: A Fast and Scalable Multi-GPU Architecture Using Cooperative Projection and Distribution,” […]

A paper is accepted to ISPASS 2017

Jaewon Lee, Hanhwi Jang, Jae-Eon Jo, Gyuhyeon Lee, Jangwoo Kim, “StressRight: Finding the Right Stress for Accurate In-development System Evaluation,” IEEE International Symposium on Performance Analysis […]

  • Computer Architecture and System
    • CPU, Server, and Datacenter Architecture
    • System Modeling, Simulation, and Analysis
    • Cloud and Big Data Computing Systems
    • Brain-inspired, Neuromorphic Computer Systems
    • Accelerator Systems and Programming Supports