High Performance Computer System (HPCS) Lab. at Seoul National University investigates various research topics related to next-generation computer architecture and systems.

Latest News

One paper is accepted to ASPLOS 2020

D. Min et al., “CryoCache: A Fast, Large, and Cost-Effective Cache Architecture for Cryogenic Computing”, ASPLOS 2020 (to appear)

Two papers are accepted to MICRO 2019

M. Ajdari et al., “FIDR: A Scalable Storage System for Fine-Grain Inline Data Reduction with Efficient Memory Handling”, MICRO 2019

E. Baek et al., “FlexLearn: Fast and Highly Efficient Brain Simulations Using Flexible On-Chip Learning”, MICRO 2019

Two papers are accepted to ISCA 2019

G. Lee et al., “Cryogenic Computer Architecture Modeling with Memory-Side Case Studies”, ISCA 2019

H. Jang et al., “MnnFast: A Fast and Scalable System Architecture for Memory-Augmented Neural Networks”, ISCA 2019

One paper is accepted to EuroSys 2019

Y. Kim et al., “μLayer: Low Latency On-Device Inference Using Cooperative Single-Layer Acceleration and Processor-Friendly Quantization”, to appear in EuroSys 2019

  • Computer Architecture and System
    • CPU, Server, and Datacenter Architecture
    • System Modeling, Simulation, and Analysis
    • Cloud and Big Data Computing Systems
    • Brain-inspired, Neuromorphic Computer Systems
    • Accelerator Systems and Programming Supports