High Performance Computer System (HPCS) Lab. at Seoul National University investigates various research topics related to next-generation computer architecture and systems.

Latest News

Two papers are accepted to MICRO 2020

P. Park et al., “An Extreme-Scale Neural Network Training Server by Systematically Balancing Operations”, MICRO 2020

K. Ishida, I. Byun et al., “Architecting an Extremely Fast Neural Processing Unit Using Superconducting Logic Devices”, MICRO 2020

Two papers are accepted to ISCA 2020

I. Byun et al., “CryoCore: A Fast and Dense Processor Architecture for Cryogenic Computing”, ISCA 2020

E. Baek et al., “A Multi-Neural Network Acceleration Architecture”, ISCA 2020

One paper is accepted to DAC 2020

D. Kwon et al., “Scalable Multi-FPGA Acceleration for Large RNNs with Full Parallelism Levels”, DAC 2020

One paper is accepted to ASPLOS 2020

D. Min et al., “CryoCache: A Fast, Large, and Cost-Effective Cache Architecture for Cryogenic Computing”, ASPLOS 2020 (to appear)

  • Computer Architecture and System
    • CPU, Server, and Datacenter Architecture
    • System Modeling, Simulation, and Analysis
    • Cloud and Big Data Computing Systems
    • Brain-inspired, Neuromorphic Computer Systems
    • Accelerator Systems and Programming Supports