1. Device-Centric Server Architecture

In this project, we design and prototype innovative server architectures to satisfy the need of emerging server applications (e.g., data analytics, machine learning, virtual machine). To achieve the applications’ computation, memory, and storage needs, we provide full-system, scale-up, and scale-out server architecture solutions by actively exploiting FPGA-assisted device orchestration and acceleration methods.

2. Cryogenic/Superconducting/Quantum Computer System

In this project, we design and build various cryogenic computer devices and systems. Cryogenic computers run at extremely low temperatures (e.g., 4K, 77K) to dramatically reduce the wire latency and leakage current. To take the best advantages of cryogenic computing, we develop a cryogenic computer modeling tool and provide our cryogenic processor, cache, memory, and server designs.

3. AI/Deep Learning Acceleration System

In this project, we analyze the need of the current industry-hot AI applications (e.g., CNN, RNN, MANN) and provide various architecture and system solutions to efficiently accelerate them. Our current interests lie in developing highly-scalable and flexible AI acceleration systems by actively exploiting heterogeneous hardware solutions together (e.g., FPGA, ASIC, GPU, SSD).

4. Neuromorphic/Brain-Modeling Computer System

In this project, we design and build a fast, efficient, and scalable neuromorphic computer system to faithfully simulate a brain. Our ultimate goal is to build a computer system for understanding how the spike-based brain network enables a sophisticated cognitive capability and implementing the mechanism on our system to realize the next-generation brain-inspired computing.

5. Computer System Modeling and Analysis

In this project, we develop and release various computer system modeling and analysis methodologies.  Our methodologies include efficient computer architecture simulation methods (e.g., performance, power consumption) and performance analysis methods to understand various commodity computer systems whose internal mechanisms are undisclosed (e.g., processor, storage, datacenter).