Project Description

Cloud-assisted Mobile Computing

Smart mobile cloud/embedded devices have emerged as new computing resources which users can access anywhere/anytime. They want to receive various and useful capabilities such as high-quality video streaming and 3D game. But, the devices’ low-performance processor/memory and limited power budget make the demands hard to be achieved.

Instead of using the limited mobile resources alone, various and huge cloud resources can help to resolve these limitations. Unlike mobile/embedded devices, cloud has large, powerful and stable resources. Therefore, we can efficiently provide useful and complex features to mobile devices as well with the help of the cloud. Also, multiple and distributed mobile devices can be converged into a single logical device. Mobile/embedded device is no longer an isolated one.

We are currently focusing on the following topics.

  • Application offloading & management
  • Cloud-assisted swap mechanism for mobile devices
  • Revisiting distributed shared memory for IoT devices


  • CMcloud: Cloud Platform for Cost-Effective Offloading of Mobile Applications [pdf]
    Dongju Chae, Jihun Kim, Jangwoo Kim, Jong Kim, Seungjun Yang, Yeongpil Cho, Yongin Kwon, and Yunheung Paek
    14th IEEE/ACM International Symposium on Cluster, Cloud and Grid Computing (CCGrid), May 2014
    (Acceptance rate: 54/283 = 19.1%)