Architectural Support for Heterogeneous System Programming

Heterogeneous systems (such as Intel’s Sandybridge microarchitecture shown above) consist of the various processor types so that a user can selectively utilize different processor types based on the user’s demands. Unfortunately, it […]

Mobile GPU Architectures

Mobile GPU Architectures for Deep Learning Applications
Deep Learning is one area of Machine Learning and has been showing promising results in practical vision applications. Since Deep Learning is based on neural network […]

Device Centric High Performance System


We research device centric high-performance system and software. The legacy OS is CPU centric system, which suffers from high overhead for I/O operations. In the result, the CPU-centric system cannot take advantage […]

All flash storage server


All-flash storage server
IT industry concentrates on building scalable storage clusters shared by many users while guaranteeing Quality of Service (QoS). Scalability is the crux of the storage clusters because big data enlarges […]

Processor performance modeling and design methodologies

Developing a modern processor is extremely challenging due to the complexity of its design. We therefore aim to provide advanced processor performance modeling and design methodologies, to reduce the costs and efforts of proposing and validating […]